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Keeping abreast of improvements to  Medical curriculum, Anatomy is now taught in a manner that makes it clinically relevant and facilitates integration with other disciplines.  Sub components of the discipline includes gross anatomy, embryology,  and histology which are covered in a manner that only provides sufficient scientific foundation but also makes them functionally relevant and of clinical significance. Integration in medical education means breaking the barrier between individual disciplines. Hence the Department of Anatomy , PKDIMS is hosting CME on Neural Tube defects (NTDs) by integrating various disciplines of Medicine and describing their anatomical, developmental, genetic,  and other clinical aspects.

NTDs are one of the most common birth defects affecting over 300000 births each year world wide.Neural Tube defects including Spina Bifida and Anencephaly are severe birth defects of the central nervous system that originate during embryonic development when the Neural Tube fails to close completely.Human NTDs are multifactorial with contributions from both genetic and environmental factors. NTDs are common and they represent major public health problems by virtue of their mortality, morbidity, social cost and and human suffering.

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Time Session
8.45am-09.00am Registration
09.00am-.9.30am Inaugural Ceremony
09.30am-.9.50am Anatomy of Brain
Dr G.V Hebbal
Prof- Dept of Anatomy
09.50am-.10.10am Anatomy of Spinal Cord
Dr Seema Valsalan E
Tutor- Dept of Anatomy
10.10am-.10.30am Embryology of Brain
Dr Benjamin W
Asst Prof- Dept of Anatomy
10.30am-.10.50am Embryology of Spinal Cord
Ms Akshara V.R
Asst Prof- Dept of Anatomy
10.50am-.11.00am Tea Break
11.00am-.11.30am Neural Tube Defects and its Genetic Correlation
Dr Kiran K
Asst Prof- Dept of Anatomy
11.30am-.12.00pm Role of Folic Acids in NTDs
Dr Jagathlal
Prof & HOD – Dept of Biochemistry
12.00pm-.12.30pm Burden and Prevention of NTDs
Dr Vani
Asst Prof – Dept of Community Medicine
12.30pm-.01.00pm Screening and Counselling of NTDs
Dr T Guha Preetha
Asst Prof – Dept of Obstetrics & Gynecology
01.00pm-.02.00pm Lunch Break
02.30pm-.02.45pm Prenatal Assessment
Dr Manu Joseph
Senor Resident – Dept of Radiology
02.45pm-.03.30pm Management of NTDs
Dr Biju C Jose
Consultant Neurosurgeon
03.30pm-.03.45pm Some Interesting cases of NTDs
Dr PK Ramakrishnan
Prof & HOD – Dept of Anatomy
03.45pm-.04.15pm Feedback and Valedictory Function
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